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Students Byte

Ms. Hindavi Ektyar
B.Sc. (Microbiology), MBA-HHM
(Placed in Markets and Markets, Pune)

There is something about Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences. Maybe it’s the campus, maybe the people, maybe the faculty or just something in the air that is enthralling. Life at SIHS is packed with curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Professors and mentors provide the students with ample opportunities to build our professional networks, provide college and career counseling, and most importantly, make us corporate ready. Corporate readiness programs and Leadership Development series conducted by the placement cell in SIHS has imparted in me the required skill sets to make me a confident healthcare professional.

Ms. Somya Rastogi
B. Tech Biomedical, MBA-HHM
Placed with Accenture

Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences provides a great platform for the candidates who want to pursue their career in the field of healthcare. As it provides unique dual degree MBA programme which provides an exposure to both hospitals and healthcare consultancies. It helps an individual to understand how entire healthcare is cognate and interdependent on the other industries as well. It provides each Symbian a platform to learn, share, laugh and grow together. The placement cell at SIHS offers a substantial amount of training in order to develop leadership, soft skills and also adds a slight touch of technical capabilities to make their student corporate ready. I would also like to mention that it’s a great opportunity for all the candidates even if one does not have a bachelor’s degree in healthcare domain and would like to pursue a career in healthcare. Overall, it was an enriching and rewarding experience at SIHS.

Mr. Nikhil Mohanan
M Tech Biotech, MBA HHM
(Placed with Z.S Associates, Gurgaon)

The MBA Hospital and Healthcare Management program at SIHS empowers students to be future leaders in Healthcare. Students are trained in both the complexities of Healthcare and the fundamentals of Business management. It enabled me to look at Healthcare with a business perspective. The dedicated Placement Cell at SIHS works towards making students corporate ready through its Corporate readiness program and Leadership Development series. The program provides a holistic platform to enhance crucial management skills and has prepared me for a challenging and rewarding career in the Healthcare Industry.

Dr. Madhura Ghatol
Placed with Deloitte India (Offices of the US)

"Learn, Live and Lead” is how I would summarize my experience at SIHS. The guidance from a competent faculty, interactions with the eminent leaders of the industry, various interdisciplinary seminars enable the best learning experience. The internships and training programmes expose students to both the public and private sector. The on-the-job training allows students to live the corporate life. Leadership development sessions, soft-skills workshops facilitated by the efficient Placement Cell help students to emerge as well-groomed professionals. Life at SIHS is an enriching experience which equips students to lead in any path they choose, be it a job or an entrepreneurial venture.

Tanima Debmallik
Business Technology Analyst
(Placed with Deloitte US India Pvt Lmt, Bangalore)

Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences offers a unique degree in MBA for hospital and healthcare management that provides ample exposure to the private as well as public sector in healthcare through comprehensive educational modules, interractive curriculum,field work and industrial trainings. Major contributors to our professional success are the efforts by our enthusiastic Placement cell towards building up professionalism, leadership developement workshops, professional and personal grooming workshops and sessions on industry readiness.