India, the very name conjures up images of colour, culture, art, craft, mountains, deserts, people. Yes, India is all that and much more. From the laid back beaches of Goa, to the swaying palms of Kerala, from the proud forts of Rajasthan to the alluring mountains of Ladakh, India is a thrill-a-minute journey for the first time visitors. There are palaces, lakes, temples, gardens, museums, historical monuments. So much to discover, so much to do. Its cuisines are as rich as its culture with each region famed for its distinctive specialties. But the most striking feature you'll discover are its people. Warm hospitable and genuine to the core. Visit India and treat yourself to an experience like never before.

India indeed is a true testimony to Unity in Diversity!

Pune City

Pune map

Welcome to Pune - the cultural and educational capital of Maharashtra also known as 'The Oxford of the East'.
Area: 138 sq. km.
Population: 4 million
Languages: Marathi, Hindi, English
STD Code: 020
Altitude: 559 meters above sea level
Location: 18 degrees 32 minutes North 73 degree 51 minutes East
Temperature: Temperatures range from 15 degrees C to 35 degrees C
Average Rainfall: 68 cm (Annual Average)
Clothing: Light cotton wear for the summer months (October to March) and a light woolen jacket or pullover for winter mornings and evenings. Light winter rains can be expected hence a light jacket is recommended.
Connectivity: Pune is well connected by air, rail & road (express highway) to Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. The city is also well connected to other prominent metros and cities of India.
Transport: The city's infrastructure is excellent with public transport buses reaching every part of the city. The city also offers three wheeler rickshaws, rental cars as per individual's budget.
Living in Pune: The city has excellent cosmopolitan mix catering to the largest number of student population in India coming from different states & cultures. With its safe and secure living conditions the abundant night life options of the city provide a welcome relief.